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Contact Information      
Address: 1, Queen Tamar ave.
Batumi (6000), Georgia.
Phone: +995 (599) 136565
E-mail: hotelmarina@marigroup.ge

Phone: +995 (790) 504040
              +995 (422) 255050
E-mail: hotelsanapiro@marigroup.ge
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About MariGroup
The company Marigroup offers several successful units for today:

The Tourist Center “Marina” located along the Black Sea coast on the area of 10.000 sq/m. It includes the following: 150 m long private beach, hotel with 53 rooms, sport-bar, café, restaurant, billiard room, 25 m long swimming pool, sauna, fitness club, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, football pitch with artificial covering (80x50), conference hall and a private car park. Distance from the international airport and the sea terminal – about 3 km.
Hotel “Sanapiro” with 86 rooms at the entrance in Batumi along the Black Sea coast. The  area of 10.000 sq/m comprises a 100 m long private beach, conference hall, restaurant in the hotel, swimming pool, sauna, football pitch with artificial covering (60x30), children’s playground, recreation zone and private car parks. Distance from the international airport 8 km, from the sea terminal – 3 km. The territory also comprises the restaurant of the national cuisine “BENZE” for 120 clients with the view over the city. 
The Trade Center “Bagrationi” on the new motorway of Sarpi-Tbilisi with the total area of 5 000 sq/m useful for trade as well as storage facilities;

30.000 sq/m of land on the motorway Batumi-Khulo useful for storage and parking of big wagons with private railway branch. Distance from the freight yard 5 km, from the freight port – 10 km.

The popular café “Privet iz Batuma” in the city center and the office building in 500 sq/m.

The company employs 200-250 people according to the season.
Marigroup administers the units of its own net with the world-acknowledged standards. Highly qualified employees serve the guests with the same internationally acknowledged rules.

We offer high quality, service and cleanness – these three details are the main principles of our work.

Marigroup was established on 5 May 2006.

The founder – Inga Arshba.
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