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Address: 1, Queen Tamar ave.
Batumi (6000), Georgia.
Phone: +995 (599) 136565
E-mail: hotelmarina@marigroup.ge

Phone: +995 (790) 504040
              +995 (422) 255050
E-mail: hotelsanapiro@marigroup.ge
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Inga Arshba
D.O.B 06 February 1980
Education: Master's degree in International Business and Business Administration from one of the best Russian universities:Moscow State University of International Affairs.(2002)
Bachelor's Degree in International Business and Business Administration from the same university.(2000)
Durham school, Uk (1995-1997)
Secondary school in Batumi,Georgia (1986-1995)
Work Experience: Chief Financial officer in Moscow.
Chairman of Marigroup in Batumi.
Inga Arshba speeks Russian, English,Georgian and Spanish.
Constantly lives and works in Moscow.
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